Who is the father of Hannah's baby in dark?


Who is the father of Hannah's baby in dark?

Who is the father of Hannah's baby in dark?

Ulrich Although it appears as though it should be impossible that Hannah conceived Silja in Eva's world at all, because the father of her child is Ulrich, not Egon, Silja still has to exist in order to give birth to Agnes, who gives birth to Tronte, who has Ulrich, and so on.

Who is the son of Hannah dark?

Hannah Kahnwald (née Krüger) is the widow of Michael and mother of Jonas. She is a clever woman, driven by pain and vengeance and doesn't shy away from conspiracies. She's been dealt a tough hand: Her husband commits suicide and their son Jonas gets sent to a psychiatric inpatient facility shortly after.

Who is the son of Hannah and Egon?

Hannah decides she needs no one and travels back to 1987, and later gives birth to Silja in 1988. When she is five years old, she and Hannah are met by an old woman named Eva, who directs them to Hannah's son and Silja's half-brother Jonas.

Is Katharina Hannah's daughter?

Silja was the child of Hannah and Ulrich after Ulrich divorced Katharina to be with Hannah. 1921 – No matter how Silja is born, Hannah dies the same way. Hannah brought Silja to meet Adam, aka older Jonas. Adam murdered his mother and took his half sister into the 19th century.

Who is Hannah pregnant by?

Hannah Ferrier is a mom! The Below Deck Mediterranean star, 33, announced Monday on Instagram that she and her boyfriend Josh had welcomed their first child together, a daughter.

Is Martha pregnant in dark?

Given they are Adam and Eve and sticking with the biblical theme, the child could possible be named either Cain, Abel or Seth. ... But there was more to the Knot than this, as Adam found out when he tried to kill a pregnant Martha and her unborn child twice.

Is Adam Jonas or Bartosz?

1. Adam is actually Bartosz and not Jonas. In the course of the series, the horrifically scarred Adam reveals himself to be an old Jonas. However, a major theory that several people on Reddit have been getting behind is that Adam is actually Bartosz.

Who is Hannah pregnant with dark?

In the 1950s, Hannah begins an affair with a young Egon Tiedemann and becomes pregnant with his child. Although she plans on having an abortion, she decides to keep the baby after a chance meeting with Katharina's mother, Helene, but she decides to leave Winden for good.

Who is Helges wife?

Greta He, his wife Greta, and their son Helge lived in a palatial manor that later became the Waldhotel Winden. Helge was not Bernd's biological son, as Greta suggested when she confided in the false priest Hanno Tauber that he was not born out of love, and she was stern and unaffectionate towards him.

Did Sandy Fire Hannah?

Throughout this past season, their relationship took a downward spiral, as Hannah felt Captain Sandy was micromanaging her and criticizing her work. Things took the ultimate bad turn when Captain Sandy fired Hannah after she was made aware that Hannah had brought Valium and a CBD pen on board the yacht.

Who was Boris Niewald in the original World?

  • Aleksander Köhler (originally Boris Niewald) is an inhabitant of the Original World . Presumably, the events that led to Boris Niewald being on the run still occurred in this universe, as he adopted the identity of Aleksander Köhler. However, unlike in Adam's World and Eva's World, he did not marry Regina Doppler and have a son with her.

Who is Hannah's daughter in the Jonas Brothers?

  • Jonas' older, uglier version who appears to be present at most of the timelines is Adam, who is hell bent on destroying time. Hannah's daughter is Silja, who marries Bartosz. 2. The Nielsen Family Tree

Who are Michael, Hannah, Hannah and Jonas Kahnwald?

  • This is Michael Kahnwald, Hannah Kahnwald, Jonas Kahnwald, and Michael’s adoptive mother Ines. Michael was actually Mikkel, Ulrich's son who travelled back and got stuck in the past. Thus, Martha is not just Jonas' lover, but also his aunt.

How did Boris and Aleksander meet in dark?

  • Aleksander brings Charlotte inside the room where the containers were in, and opens one which has a dark substance which starts to rise, and forms the God Particle, triggering the apocalypse. While Aleksander/Boris still exists in the Original World because he wasn't born from time travel, he didn't meet and marry Regina and have a son with her.

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