Is Andy Bonnie's dad?


Is Andy Bonnie's dad?

Is Andy Bonnie's dad?

Voiced by actor Jay Hernandez (star of CBS's Magnum P.I.), Bonnie's Dad, father to the young girl who inherits the toys from Andy in the franchise's third installment, looks ethnically ambiguous, as does Bonnie herself.

Is Bonnie the villain in Toy Story 4?

As we all know anyway, Bonnie is the true villain of Toy Story 4.

When does Bonnie appear in Toy Story 4?

  • Bonnie appears in Toy Story 4 as she is about to enter kindergarten. By this time, despite Bonnie's promise to Andy, she has begun actively neglecting Woody, to the point where she removes his badge and appoints Jessie as her "sheriff".

Why was Woody not supposed to be in Toy Story 4?

  • Woody wasn't supposed to be in there, and it seems as if he's considering to tell Bonnie that. Andy doesn't want to give Woody away at first. However, when Andy sees the sad look on Bonnie's face, he takes a long moment, sighs, and then changes his mind.

Why did Andy give all of his toys to Bonnie?

  • Andy wanted to give the majority of his toys to Bonnie as he was going off to college, but Woody was never in that plan. He had every intention of keeping Woody with him at college. Andy was unaware, however, that Woody had snuck into the box after writing the note that led Andy to Bonnie.

When does Andy Davis appear in Toy Story 4?

  • In Toy Story 4, Andy, as a child, makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the film during a flashback segment two years after Toy Story 2 and five years before Toy Story 3.

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