What episode is the Ben 10 and Generator Rex cross over?


What episode is the Ben 10 and Generator Rex cross over?

What episode is the Ben 10 and Generator Rex cross over?

Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United "Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United" is an extended crossover episode of Generator Rex with a guest appearance of Ben Tennyson from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien....Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United.
"Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United"
Season 3, Episode 10-11
Air dateNovem
Written byMan of Action
Directed byChris Graham Kenji Ono

Who made Ben 10 versus the universe?

Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie
Executive producersJohn Fang Brian A. Miller Jennifer Pelphrey Rob Sorcher Tramm Wigzell For Man Of Action:Joe Casey Joe Kelly Duncan Rouleau Steven T. Seagle
ProducersShareena Carlson Will Patrick
Running time72 minutes
Production companiesCartoon Network Studios Cartoon Network

How long did Ben 10 Omniverse last?

Ben 10: Omniverse
Original networkCartoon Network
First shown inUnited States
Original releaseAug Novem

Where does Generator Rex occur?

Providence While he defeated the Consortium, Rex cured the entire world of nanites. However, Rex reserved his abilities and continued to fight for Providence....
Rex Salazar
Base of operationsThe Plant (formerly) Providence Headquarters
Affiliation(s)Hong Kong gang (formerly) Providence Defect Group (formerly) Providence

How do I watch Ben 10 vs the universe?

Watch Ben 10 Versus The Universe: The Movie | Prime Video.

Is there a crossover between Generator Rex and Ben 10?

  • A crossover between the Ben 10 reboot and Generator Rex was first hinted by Duncan Rouleau, though it was intended to air during season 3 before being postponed for season 5. Duncan also confirmed Vic Chao would be be making a guest appearance, but avoiding spoiling which character Chao would be voicing.

Who are the characters in Generator Rex Heroes United?

  • Ben Tennyson once got shifted into this Universe in a special called Ben 10 Generator Rex: Heroes United. This Universe shares some parallels with Ben 10 Universe, e.g. some similar characters. Caesar Salazar, a great scientist from this universe, appeared in And Beyond Episode 3: The Ghost Zone .

Where does Generator Rex take place in 5 years later?

  • Got 'em from a few dimensions over." This is the universe that Generator Rex (A show created by Man Of Action creators of Ben 10) takes place in. It has not made a direct appearance in 5 Years Later but Nanites from this universe appeared in Chapter 7: Fold . Rex's Universe is very similar to our Universe.

Where did Ben 10 versus the universe come from?

  • Much like in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Ben uses all of his regular aliens from season 4 in this special. The name of this episode was first discovered on Andrei Lenart's portfolio site and a Spanish dubbing website.

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