Is Bella's baby immortal?


Is Bella's baby immortal?

Is Bella's baby immortal?

Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived so, and carried by this newborn while she was still human. Aro on Renesmee's hybrid status. Renesmee (pronounced Ruh-nez-may) Carlie Cullen was born on Septem to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

Did the baby turn Bella into a vampire?

Bella is married to Edward Cullen Jr., with whom she has a human-vampire hybrid daughter, Renesmee Cullen. She is the daughter of Charlie and Renée Swan and the daughter-in-law of Edward, Sr and Elizabeth Masen (Edward's deceased parents)....Bella Swan.
Bella Cullen
Portrayed byKristen Stewart
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What powers does Bella's daughter have as a vampire?

Renesmee, nicknamed “Nessie”, is the daughter of Edward and Bella – thought to be their “miracle child” after everything they went through to keep both mother and daughter alive during pregnancy. She has the power to reveal her thoughts to people by touching them and seemingly breaking down their mental barriers.

How did Bella get pregnant in the Twilight series?

  • Still, Bella got pregnant during her honeymoon and gave birth to a vampire/human hybrid, and after being asked the same question over and over again at any given chance, Stephenie Meyer explained how that part of the Twilight world works... and it still doesn’t make much sense.

How did James change Bella into a vampire?

  • James bites Bella, which starts the harrowing process of changing her intro a vampire, but Edward doesn’t want Bella’s soul to be condemned, so he sucks the venom out. Since Bella’s blood “sings” to Edward, he’s unsure whether he’d be able to stop himself from draining her.

Can a half vampire have a human baby?

  • A vampire pregnancy are just as long as a humans and the baby, not being able to eat in nine months is hungry. At Renee's Angels every half-vampire that have started lactating lives and when a child is born the women is waiting in a row for the baby to pick his mate.

How did Edward put a hybrid baby in Bella?

  • Here’s how Edward put a hybrid baby in Bella, which ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer explained with a helpful lesson in vampire biology. Here’s the lesson in vampire sex-ed you never had. In Breaking Dawn , the third book of the Twilight saga, Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) knocks up Bella (played by Kristen Stewart ).

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