Can Battle Net Be Trusted?


Can Battle Net Be Trusted?

Can Battle Net Be Trusted?

Yes it is safe to use your credit card through blizzard. afaik, no one has been scammed. Blizzard is a legitimate company and people buy things from them every day.

Does Battlenet have spyware?

It is one of the most interesting pieces of spyware to date, because it is designed only to verify compliance with a EULA/TOS. ... Here is what it does, about every 15 seconds, to about 4.5 million people (500,000 of which are logged on at any given time):

Is Battle net the same as Blizzard?

Yes, that's right — the game company's storied online platform and storefront shall henceforth be known as “Blizzard” The company says this move should help respect the “shared history” of the service while also allowing Blizzard to align its corporate marketing and branding under a unified name.

Is Blizzard owned by China?

Tencent, a Chinese entertainment giant, owns a 5 percent stake in Blizzard's parent company, Activision Blizzard, and serves as the NBA's rights holder in China. Activision Blizzard is also seeking Chinese approvals for its “Call of Duty Mobile” game, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Can you get hacked in WoW?

In WoW, phishing takes place by basically getting a fake e-mail that lets you know your account is either compromised (the irony, right?) or that you've won something (pet, mount, free gametime). Verifying that the mail ends in or is not always enough, as there are plenty ways to spoof mails.

Does Blizzard scan your computer?

Blizzard said that its own scanning of "World of Warcraft" players' computers is different from that of the "Everquest" situation, because Blizzard spells out in the game's end-user license agreement, or EULA, that the company maintains the right to perform such anti-hacking scans.

Does Battle net give you a virus?

If your antivirus software detects a virus in a Blizzard game folder, the detection will most likely be a false positive. ... While rare, some viruses do affect Blizzard game folders. Review our computer security page and run a different virus scan. If a Blizzard Launcher detects a virus, run a virus scan immediately.

Is it safe to play online?

  • is a privately-owned, revenue-generating network, and it's in the best interest of Blizzard to keep it secure.

How can I protect my account from hackers?

  • The Authenticator is the best security feature to keep your account safe from hackers. Select an option to learn more about how to protect your account from hackers. If you use your email address and password to create accounts for other games and websites, the security of all your accounts can be put at risk.

What does the app do for You?

  • The app also has curated news about Blizzard games, events, merchandise, and more – so you never miss out on what’s new at Blizzard. Your profile is a snapshot of your activity and interests, even outside Blizzard games. Choose an avatar to put a public face on your BattleTag. It’s easy to find and add new friends using the app.

Why are Blizzard games safe on

  • is a privately-owned, revenue-generating network, and it's in the best interest of Blizzard to keep it secure. There is ample evidence that Blizzard cracks down on people who hack their games to give themselves an advantage on What system resources are Blizzard games permitted to access?

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