Does Batman really love Catwoman?


Does Batman really love Catwoman?

Does Batman really love Catwoman?

1 – The Truth. Batman has always had a tentative relationship with Catwoman in the Hush story arc. She's a criminal but one he feels drawn to. ... While their relationship doesn't work out in the end in this story, they prove to each other again and again that they truly love each other.

Does Batman kiss Catwoman?

Batman, No. Batman is smitten with Catwoman.

Who was Batman's first kiss?

At the end of the story the young masked couple even goes off together, presumably to do some more necking. But that's the pre-“New Look” Dick Grayson. It's not the Dick Grayson of the 1986-2011 DC Universe. His first kiss appears in the story “Grimm” in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, #149-53.

Did Bruce Wayne love Talia?

Talia Al Ghul is the daughter of criminal mastermind Ra's Al Ghul as well as a love interest to Batman and mother to their love-child Damian....Talia Al Ghul.
Love Interest
GoalsSway Batman to her side
Type of Love InterestVillainous Love Interest

Did Batman marry Catwoman?

  • Batman And Catwoman Didn’t Get Married. J. Not really sure what happened here, but it seems like Catwoman feels Bruce Wayne can’t be Batman anymore if he becomes happy. So she decided not to marry him in order for him to continue being Batman.

Who was the best Catwoman?

  • 19 Halle Berry - Catwoman. ...
  • Superman Hour. ...
  • 17 Melendy Britt - The New Adventures of Batman. ...
  • 16 Maggie Baird - Birds of Prey. ...
  • 15 Cristina Pucelli - DC Super Hero Girls. ...
  • Catwoman in Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt. ...
  • 12 Nika Futterman - Batman: The Brave and the Bold. ...

Who played Catwoman 1960?

  • Of all the villains who terrorized Gotham City in the 1960s Batman series, Catwoman was the most spectacular. She was originally played by Julie Newmar (who Batman star Adam West later admitted was his favourite) and later by Eartha Kitt, with Lee Meriweather doing a brief stint.

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