Is the Beast Titan Eren's brother?


Is the Beast Titan Eren's brother?

Is the Beast Titan Eren's brother?

It turns out that the Beast Titan is Eren's half-brother, Zeke Yeager. Before their dad, Grisha, met Eren's mom, Carla, he was married to a woman named Dina Fritz.

What Titan did Eren's dad have?

Grisha is one of the many Titan inheritors whose Titan is created by Ymir Fritz to defend Eren while he is attempting to Rumble the world.

Who is Eren's father in attack on Titan?

  • Zeke is Eren’s older half-brother. They have the same father, Grisha. Remember the “Smiling Titan” that devoured Eren’s mother and Eren used the coordinate to destroy in the Season 2 finale of the anime? Yeah, that’s actually Dina Fritz, Grisha’s first wife and Zeke’s mother.

Who is the father of the Beast Titan?

  • The Beast Titan was and still is operated by Zeke Yeager, Grisha’s other son besides Eren, who has been the ruthless beast’s operator ever since 842. He is considered to be one of the best warriors in the world.

Who is the real father of Eren Jaeger?

  • Grisha Jaeger was Eren’s father, and the previous holder of the Attack Titan and (briefly) the Founding Titan. He never possessed the Beast Titan power. The true identity of the Beast Titan is Zeke Jaeger, Grisha’s OTHER son and older half-brother to Eren Jaeger.

How did Eren become the father of Historia?

  • Most current theories explore the idea of Eren re-activating the Rumbling by touching Historia's newly-born baby as it will probably inherit the Beast Titan, considering that Zeke died without being eaten.

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