Is Elaine immortal?


Is Elaine immortal?

Is Elaine immortal?

She is King's sister and former Guardian Saint of the Fountain of Youth. She is the main character of Elaine, the Fox's Sin of Greed fanfiction....
RaceFairy (immortal
Biological Description

Is it true that Elaine will end up with ban?

  • When Ban was in Purgatory, he learnt the special ability called “The Gift”. Using that ability, he “gifted” life from his immortality to Elaine. Now that he is not immortal anymore. Yes, Elaine will end up with him. Have you been hacked?

How did ban and Elaine meet in the Seven Deadly Sins?

  • Ban and Elaine first meet in the Fairy forest where Elaine is the Holy Maiden protecting the Fountain of Youth. In Ban's goal to obtain immortality, he goes up against Elaine time and time again. Through this, they get to know each other and begin to build a friendship that blossoms into something more.

How is Elaine related to the Fairy King?

  • She also is the younger sister of the current Fairy King, Harlequin. Though killed by a demon after giving up the fountain to Ban, Elaine is later temporarily resurrected by Melascula and dies a second time after fighting the Demon Clan in the new Holy War, but is then fully resurrected by Ban who gives up his immortality.

Where does Elaine blow ban off in Nanatsu no Taizai?

  • Elaine blowing Ban off. At some point during her life, Ban, then known as Bandit Ban, wanting to gain immortality, climbed the gigantic tree, in the Fairy King's Forest, where the Fountain of Youth was located.

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