Who played Batman in Smallville?


Who played Batman in Smallville?

Who played Batman in Smallville?

Michael Rosenbaum
Rosenbaum 2021
BornMichael Owen Rosenbaum J Oceanside, New York, U.S.
OccupationActor, producer, comedian, director, singer
Years active1997–present

Is Green Lantern in Smallville?

The Arrowverse has never introduced Green Lantern but they exist in Smallville. This means Crisis On Infinite Earths could finally show a Lantern. They should use this opportunity to introduce the DCEU's Green Lantern.

Is there a Batman in Smallville Season 11?

  • In " Fortune ", Chloe Sullivan mentions that she's met a "A billionaire with high-tech toys". However, as season 11 portrays Chloe as having never encountered Batman before, it can't have been Batman. This character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Batman, and a member of the Batman Family.

Who was the vigilante in Smallville like Batman?

  • In Smallville, Oliver - like Bruce Wayne - was a billionaire playboy who operated as a vigilante. Similar to the dynamic of Superman and Batman, Clark Kent and Oliver Queen didn’t always see eye to eye when it came to their methods. Oliver, who had his own ideas about what Clark should do with his powers, pushed Clark toward becoming Superman.

Why did Bruce Wayne not appear on Smallville?

  • Due to Batman's rebooted film franchise, Bruce Wayne did not appear on Smallville because the film division of Warner Bros. (DC 's parent company) is working with the character.

Where does the Batmobile appear in Smallville?

  • The scene where Batman and Superman are in the Batmobile and is being chased by the police is very similar to the scene in Batman Begins with Batman and Rachel Dawes. The Batmobile seen in Smallville. Three of Batman's primary vehicles of transportation on "Land", "Sea" and "Air" have appeared ( The Batmobile, The Batwing and The Batboat ).

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