Is there any anime like Banana Fish?


Is there any anime like Banana Fish?

Is there any anime like Banana Fish?

Anime Similar to Banana Fish: 91 Days. Durarara!! Baccano! Monster.

Can a 12 year old watch Banana Fish?

I think overall, the age rating for Banana fish is a 16 in most areas. It's really up to you though, I was reading and watching things that were rated 16–18 from the ages of 13 till now, I'm not messed up in any way as some people thing that watching adult things from a young age mess you up.

Is given anime sad?

While given doesn't need to be anything more than a romance to be a good Boy Love anime, its handling of grief makes it one of the best anime stories detailing the subject regardless of genre. ... The story isn't about this sadness; it's about Mafuyu's life after his trauma.

Is Eiji and ash in love?

Based on their journey together and the feelings they shared, it is clear that Eiji and Ash's souls are forever tied. Despite not engaging in romantic activities, Eiji was considered to be Ash's beloved, and Sing pointed out that the two boys shared a bond between their souls.

When did the anime Banana Fish come out?

  • Banana fish the 1980s manga which got an anime which aired last summer and ended a while ago really stuck out to me and many others If you haven’t seen banana fish or read the manga, I highly recommend it but there will be major spoilers so go watch it first before you continue reading this.

Which is the saddest anime in the world?

  • Naruto isn't an anime most folks consider when they think of sad anime, but this shonen series about magic ninja manages to hit emotional beats that most "tragic" stories never reach. For all its jokes and action, Naruto dedicates most of its long run to building its characters, both the heroes and the villains.

Why was the ending of banana fish so heartbreaking?

  • No matter what despite Ash’s insecurities about his identity and where he comes from, his past traumas and how different he feels from others in society. To Eiji this doesn’t matter and he and will always support him in his heart.

Why did Griffin die in Banana Fish anime?

  • His death at Marvin's hands is brutal and the reason the cops have a motive to pin it on Ash so it affects the story for a long time, and it reminds us that no one, not even kids, are safe from violence. Griffin's death is a different matter.

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