How much did Wesley Snipes make for Blade?


How much did Wesley Snipes make for Blade?

How much did Wesley Snipes make for Blade?

In 2004, his salary was a reported $13m for producing and starring in the third Blade blockbuster, Blade: Trinity.

Does Wesley Snipes own a Blade?

Blade is a film and television franchise based on the fictional Marvel Comics superhero of the same name, portrayed by Wesley Snipes in the film series and Sticky Fingaz on the television series.

What kind of money did Wesley Snipes make?

  • Snipes earned most of his wealth from starring in 69 movies. He is famous for his roles in a series of action movies starring as a half-vampire, half-human who protects other humans – ”Blade,” ”Blade II,” and ”Blade: Trinity.” Moreover, Wesley received $7 million and $5.5 million respectively from “The Fan” (1996) and “Money Train” (1995).

Why was Wesley Snipes not considered for Blade?

  • Despite the fans wanting Snipes to return, it's not happening, and probably for a good reason. Wesley Snipes has made some questionable life choices, like not paying his taxes, but he's also put on very compelling cinematic performances, none more so than Blade.

Where did Wesley Snipes go to high school?

  • Wesley Snipes is famous because of his portrayal of Blade as well as many other films, especially in the action genre. He was born in Orlando, Florida on J. His father was an aircraft engineer and his mother was a teacher’s assistance. Growing up in Bronx, New York, he attended the High School of Performing Arts for some time.

How tall is Wesley Snipes height and weight?

  • How much is Wesley Snipes worth? Net Worth: $9 Million Profession: Professional Actor Date of Birth: J Country: United States of America Height: 1.75 m

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