Is Piccolo stronger than ss2?


Is Piccolo stronger than ss2?

Is Piccolo stronger than ss2?

Lord Beerus wrote: PFM18 wrote: Lord Beerus wrote: In the Super anime, Piccolo is stronger than SSJ2 Gohan, and by virtue, many leagues above SSJ3 Gotenks (Z and Super) given that Base Goku/Vegeta/Gohan are above SSJ3 Gotenks, at least after the events of the Future Trunks arc.

What is the power level of Piccolo?

329 Dragon Ball Z
CharacterPower levelSource
Piccolo329Vol. 18, #209
Kami220Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Mr Popo1,030Weekly Jump #31, 1991
King Kai3,500Movie 6 Pamphlet

What is Piccolo most powerful form?

Also called Exploding Wave. Special Beam Cannon – Piccolo's most powerful, but time-consuming, attack, which drills through nearly everything and every being. This was first used when Piccolo fought alongside Goku during their battle with Raditz.

Does Piccolo ever transform?

When Piccolo powers up he transforms into a Super Namek, shortened as SN. ... In Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, after fusing with Kami, Piccolo becomes a Super Namek, so he can unlock his enhanced form. He can get Super Namek's statistics when he transforms into this form.

Why don't they make Piccolo stronger?

Piccolo isn't as strong because he started at 260 while 17 started in the hundreds of millions. It's that simple. It's unfair sure but that's how things go in modern DB. But Piccolo was already stronger than 17 once the latter began to train, and Piccolo just kept on training without stopping after that.

What is Vegeta's power level?

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Yet when Vegeta comes to Earth, as a grown man, his power level is 18,000.

Is krillin the strongest human?

Humans aren't the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe, but Krillin and Tien are still two of Dragon Ball's greatest heroes. Despite that, two humans, Krillin and Tien have stayed at the forefront of the battles that defined Dragon Ball Z. ...

Is it possible for piccolo to defeat Perfect Cell?

  • Given his performance against Frost during the tournament against Universe 6, it’s very likely that Piccolo by the Dragon Ball Super era could defeat Perfect Cell. The one factor that would prevent this is Cell’s regeneration factor and the fact that Cell’s Saiyan DNA allows him to gain strength after recovering from a mortal wound.

Who is stronger Goku or piccolo in DBZ?

  • Piccolo did beat Frost because he was stronger than exhausted Frost even if you want to say Frost got half as weak due to Goku we know base Goku is stronger than Rof final form Frieza and ROF first form Frieza was stated to be way stronger than Gohan SSJ.

Which is stronger piccolo or Buu in the Cell Games?

  • Piccolo was already around Semi-Perfect Cell level during the cell games, add the 7 year time time skip between the Cell Games and the Buu Saga, and Piccolo is likely somewhat stronger.

Why was Piccolo the most powerful member of the Z Team?

  • I merely intend to show that Namekian Fusion is very powerful, both times Piccolo was the most powerful member of the Z team were because of it, his largest jumps in power that we were made aware of in Z.

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